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Title "Choose the best plan for your needs"


  • Distance Calculation

  • Area Calculation

  • Contours

  • Point Cloud Editing

  • 3D Model Properties




Most Chosen


  • All Basic functions

  • Cross sectioning

  • Project Overlay

  • Temporal Comparator

  • Volume Calculation

  • Cut and Fill

  • Pruning Analysis

  • Transmission Line Analysis

We customize a plan for your needs

Title "Your question, our solutions"
  • How does monitoring work?
    To carry out monitoring, simply attach the 360 camera to your car or motorcycle, turn it on in video recording mode, and follow the desired route at normal speed.
  • Does the software generate reports?
    Yes, the software generates a report with all the points raised in a georeferenced way. The report also automatically identifies regions of possible collision with trees.
  • What hardware is needed?
    To carry out monitoring, you need to use a 360° camera (we recommend Insta360), a selfie stick and a smartphone. In addition, you can use a handlebar adapter to attach it to a motorcycle, or a suction cup to attach it to the roof of a car. The complete hardware costs less than R$4000.00.
  • Can I use the hardware in any vehicle?
    Yes! The solution was developed so that the field inspector can use any type of vehicle, be it a car, motorcycle or even on foot.
  • Is it possible to identify the power of the lamps?
    Not yet! Currently, the system can identify whether the lamp present in the IP park is LED or not, however, it still cannot identify their power.
  • Can the system identify poles on both sides of the street at the same time?
    Yes, all elements are detected and identified on both sides of a street.
  • Does the software integrate with other systems?
    Yes, the software was developed for easy integration into different systems. Therefore, it has a communication API specifically for this.
  • Is technical support available to users?
    Yes, we offer dedicated technical support to help users resolve any queries or issues that may arise while using the software. Our technical support is a big differentiator.
  • How can I get a demo or purchase the software?
    You can contact us directly via WhatsApp or schedule a demonstration with our experts. In this contact, you will be provided with a username, password and software for download and free testing.
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