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Check out some of the solutions that Robotictech develops. IRT3D, Street Census and Light Census are our programs responsible for the work carried out.


Monitoring Transmission Lines with Drone and Artificial Intelligence

Software was developed capable of identifying and classifying the specific components analyzed in visual inspections of power transmission line towers. As input, the software receives an inspection video of the tower, taken using a drone. This video is processed by artificial intelligence, trained to identify specific problems and detect components of interest. As output, a report is available in PDF format, containing photos of the identified components, their classifications, the confidence of artificial intelligence in the identification, the number of the tower to which the component belongs and its georeferenced position. The report could be generated with identifications separated by towers, or separated by component type, speeding up the analysis of specific components.


3D scanning of machinery parts for reverse engineering

The objective of this project is to obtain, with the best possible precision, structural data of machinery parts in accordance with the maintenance and adaptation needs presented by the company. The result obtained is not only limited to a three-dimensional digital model of the scanned components, but also includes the views and cross-sections necessary for reproducing or adapting the parts. To do this, we use high-precision 3D scanning technology using cameras and artificial intelligence. This provides a simple and intuitive interface, so that any employee with quick training can use the technology without the need for assistance from third parties.


Allotment Project

Topographic survey and subdivision project for a condominium in Lages, Santa Catarina. Project developed with the delivery of contour lines, high-resolution interactive 3D model, point cloud and high-resolution orthophoto (4K).


Collision analysis in tunnels

Dynamic 3D reconstruction, obtained with controlled speed traffic of equipment along the tracks along the tunnels for inspection. Using simulation and computational intelligence, it is possible to study the traffic of components within them, predicting possible collisions (regions in red) and obtaining critical structural data.


engineering College


Topographic survey with interactive 3D model, elevation plan, vegetation health estimation and orthophoto (4K) of the Engineering faculty of the Federal University of Juiz de Fora (UFJF).


Digital Reproduction of Cities

With the 3D reconstruction of urban spaces in a realistic way and in high resolution, it is possible to map assets (signs, traffic lights, poles, among others). The result promotes a rich integration of structures, which accompanies BIM work for the future of smart cities.

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